Servo Motor G Series

  1. Energy saving up to 35 %.
  2. Efficiency up to 40%.
  3. Maintenance free.
  4. Low noise.
  5. Simple parameter setting.
  6. Easy install.
Please click here to download G Series catalog (PDF)


Synchronizer 700 series

  1. Easy install for needle position adjustment.

Venturi Device

  1. Venturi operation.
  2. Foot Lifting.
  3. Suitable to any kind of sewing machine for G series servo motor.
  4. Air regulator is optional.

High Power Led Light

  1. Save cost.
  2. Long-Life.
  3. Instant light.
  4. No Blinking.
  5. Voltage range AC 200-240V.

Standing Operation Pedal

  1. 2 pedals for speed and needle UP control.

When Ordering, please specify the models of motor and sewing machine respectively.